What is this? What's going on? Where is stylelines? Patience, my friend; these are all questions that will be answered in due course. But know this: some earth moving, heart shattering change is on its way. In short- we're leaving David Bowie for dead.

So while you ponder, exasperate, rationalise; while you go about your daily life, dancing, farting, falling in love; while you do whatever it is you do that contributes to the constant turning of this world, I leave you in the company of the following puppets. Enjoy, I'll be seeing you very soon.


Anastasia and Duck said...

No news?


mamun said...

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EGS said...

love it very much!


Brad said...

Cute video! I am so much entertained!

Brad Fallon

Carolyn said...

Very entertaining!

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